PaleMoon replaces Firefox

PaleMoon August 2017, Mozilla made signing of addons mandatory (which is in essence a good thing), but at the same time announces that from November 2017 onwards some APIs will no longer be available. For quite a number of addons that means the end. New APIs don't offer the same amount of access and features. Partly due to security reasons that is intended (and welcome), but there is still a need for certain functionality which cannot be added anymore.
I remember a couple of decisions by Mozilla from the past few years that were NOT welcome:

  • hiding the configuration options for JavaScript
  • eliminating the choice for downloading images
  • the Australis theme, rejected by a significant number of users (download numbers of the "Classic Theme Restorer" addon speak for themselves)
  • the de-facto elimination of themes in general
  • the inclusion of developer tools into the Firefox core (were there really technical reasons instead of adding an addon for the 0.02% of users that really need it)
  • and now the forced end-of-life for many addons due to a lack of suitable APIs
I have been looking for an alternative - without great emphasis, I must confess - for some time now. An alternative that still supports some addons, I dont want to loose. An alternative, that is not changing constantly to aim for keeping market shares in a trial-and-error process (who needs a built-in chat system???). Or changes, that intentionally contradict style-guides of the underlying operating systems, just to achieve a constant look-and-feel for the browser across various systems. And thus letting it stand out like a sore thumb instead of blending in as it should be.
In the past the real successor of Netscape Communicator (yes, I am *that* old ;-), SeaMonkey seemed to be a likely candidate. But first of all, it is really near to Firefox (and will likely suffer from the same issues) and second. it is not offered in the repositories of my OS. Quite apart from the fact it contains not only a browser but also a mail client and a webpage designer. Which I have no use for.
Based on Mozillas annoncements, I investigated the alternatives and finally decided to move on with Pale Moon. It is a fork of Firefox from the time before the Australis theme was introduced and it will stay on that basis. Unfortunately it is not offered in the repos of my OS. But that is something I can live with.