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Sometimes you get annoyed when you have to look for information for a long time and possibly find it just by a lucky coincidence. Or you find out something, that is not necessarily obvious. And you know that others might benefit. Today one can easily publish it and someone may find it helpful. And that's the point. This will not be a blog, this is not specific to a direction, it becomes more of a hodgepodge. Who knows where the journey is going. We will see...
btw: "nebenbei" means "by the way" ;-)

Home automation

OpenHAB I'm not a friend of buzzwords, especially the terms "Internet of Things" and "cloud" fall into that category, often describing everything and nothing at all. But not everything is bad, partial aspects are even making sense and are useful. Home automation as a part of what is called Internet-of-Things e.g. But WITHOUT cloud (meaning data outside your own control). Is that possible? Yes. For me it started like this...
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m-SATA for RasPi

SD-cards are not the best choice as a storage medium when running a RasPi 24/7. After nearly 2 years it became an issue in my case. An alternative are storage media connected by USB, as newer RasPis can boot from them. Besides magnetic discs and SSDs there are other options. E.g. a mSATA-"disc".
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Getting rid of Firefox

Pale Moon replaces Firefox Pale Moon replaces Firefox Since Mozilla every few weeks introduces new version of the once-very much appreciated Firefox, always integrating new features I do not need as a normal user, or eliminating configuration options I deem very useful, or even necessary, I was looking for an alternative. Now that they eliminate some APIs, rendering a number of AddOns useless, that investigation went acute. Version 52.2 is very likely the last one I used regularly. When "old style" Addons are still a must, Pale Moon might be an alternative.
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Frustration with Windows 10

If you need a big portion of frustration:
Just use Windows when a big update is due...
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High Dynamic Range, an example

HDR HDR The motif has almost forced itself into an experiment. The contrast between the sun, leaking behind the cloud, and the dawning forest background is an ungrateful challenge. But that's what interested me.
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Z-Wave Thermostatic valve announced by Fibaro

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Comet Z-Wave battery test and mains adapter experience

Eurotronix Comet Z-Wave A bit of frustration with the battery life endurance of the Comet Z-Wave thermostats from Eurotronic. A trial run to solve that using mains adapters and realisation that a real battery test is due.
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Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus Thermostatic valve

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