Z-Wave Thermostatic Valve announced by Fibaro

Early September 2017 Fibaro announced a thermostatic valve. Finally some drive hits the market for Z-Wave-controlled thermostatic valves. Until now there was only a choice between the Comet-Z from Eurotronic and the various incarnations of the Danfoss Connect.

Guess we have to wait, how the Fibaro valve can perform in the market, despite the relatively high prize (80 Euro) announced by Fibaro. Via USB recharchable batteries sounds good. But that is a wear and tear part, will it be replaceable??? The Fibaro homepage does not list the product yet (September 2nd, 2017).

addendum: Meanwhile the valve is on the market. Unfortunately the recharchable battery is built-in and cannot be replaced. So when the batteries lifecycle is at its end, you either have a (most likely costly) repair on your hands or a piece of electronic waste. Furthermore the battery is charged by USB. Ok, so if I have to go to the valve every few days/weeks, charging it with a USB power supply, then I can run it with a USB power supply the whole time. So why bother with a built-in battery in the first place?